The puppies promise excellent characters, strong bones, silver colour, flawless exterior and excellent working abilities. Puppies will have great work and exhibition assumptions – we will be glad when their future owners use this potential, but most important is the welfare of our puppies. We give our litter only to families, where will be a rightful member. We will be happy when we can assist you with dog breeding, training, nutrition and care.

Puppies grow up with us in a house, are cuddling and involved with love. They are socialized from an early age to all current domestic sounds and are creating a positive relationship with adults and children. As soon as they are in right age, they spend part of the day in the garden, where they examine the nature and play with each other. Before puppy leaves us, it is a confident dog, ready for further training. Every puppy get from us are petpas, they are fully wormed and vaccinated. Every doggie has its own collar, toys, blanket with home fragrance, superpremium food package, purchase contract, user manual and countless number of snacks.

We expect from future puppy owners that they are familiar with the weimaraner breed and his demands. We give PUPPY JUST YOU TO THE BEST HANDS, to the people who will puppy considered as a family member and they will love him as we do. If you are interested in our puppy it will be our pleasure to give you information about everything you need. Before we reserved a puppy we require at least one not binding visit.

We will be ready whenever you need some help  with our litter, in health, nutrition, training, exhibitions… Puppies have high breeding potential, so we’ll be happy if the owners can be classified into breeding, either for themselves or with our help. It’s not essential, essential is good and loving arms of our Silverfaitht baby.